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Domino's Pizza: We'll make Marlow more attractive

We have also rolled out the latest version of Pulse, our first-class EPoS system, to all stores. This re-launched market is showing real potential and while there are several stores still to be relocated and new ones to be opened, progress is extremely encouraging. The German business has generated system sales of 2.4m in the second quarter (2012: 0.7m) and like-for-like sales in the small number of stores that are now mature (six stores) are growing fast with sales increasing by 11.1% for the second quarter and 23.8% for the first half, albeit from a low base. In particular, there is strong progress being made by the franchised stores, which are running above average weekly unit sales (AWUS) expectations as they build towards profitable store level economics. During the second quarter, five stores were opened in Germany (2012: four), taking the half-year total to seven (2012: four).
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In total, 63.3 percent of UK sales were made online, a rise from 52.4 percent in 2012. Of these sales, 27.5 percent were made on mobile devices, up form 17.9 percent in 2012. The success of the online platforms was welcomed by chief executive Lance Batchelor, who said it proved the firm was meeting its customers' needs. Our franchise system leads the leisure sector and, with the majority of our business coming via a web and mobile platform, we are now truly an online retailer, he said. The rising mobile sales helped the firm to post increased sales of 326.5m, up by 13.8 percent on 2012. However, Dominos admitted that it would take longer than expected to hit profit in Germany, causing shares to fall. Nevertheless, the mobile sales underline the huge benefits open to retailers in this space, with numerous other firms such as Marks and Spencer and Argos reporting huge rises in sales through digital channels in recent months.
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Domino's wants to move into the empty former Blockbuster store in West Street. Lorna Duggan, Assistant Planner, writing on behalf of the pizza chain, stressed it is a market leader with an excellent reputation. "Far from having a negative impact on the character of the shopping centre, the introduction of such a leading brand will, I believe, prove to be popular with the general public and have a positive effect on the centre's overall diversity and attraction," she said. The company has promised 20 new jobs will be created. She denied allegations from opponents that it will detract from the shopping quality of the town centre, saying: "The beneficial reuse of the property as a hot food takeaway would reduce the number of vacancies in the centre, and, in my view, make a positive contribution to its vitality and viability. "In terms of external alterations, we contend that the design of the proposed shop front is in keeping with the commercial character of the site and reflects an improvement to the current situation." She pointed out that Marlow Chamber of Trade has made no objection. Parking has been a key concern raised by opponents including Marlow Society Chairman Martin Blunkell. Domino's has insisted that it anticipates just one delivery vehicle will be used during daytime up until 5pm and said that when demand is highest for parking, during evening hours, parking restrictions no longer apply. Delivery vehicles will not be parked along West Street when not used, it added.
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